POWDERstream® WellnessBOX

POWDERstream® Snowcabins are a place where everybody can enjoy the experience of real powder snow everywhere in the world. After a hot sauna / banya or steam bath, enter the Snowcabin and its fascinating real winter scenery – the finest way to cool down. The cold air and creaming the skin with natural snow helps to increase blood circulation, stimulates mind and body awaken senses, invigorate the respiratory tract and strengthen the immune system.

The snowmaking systems are available as a COMPACT unit which will be placed directly outside to the Snowcabin wall or as BASIC unit which can be configured to local conditions and wishes. The intelligent control system is working self-adjusting. Using water cooling enables to use heat recovering system.

Unique Features POWDERstream® WellnessBOX

  • snowmaking up to +35°C
  • user-friendly electronic control system
  • mobile or fixed installations
  • flexible snow transportation system up to 100m
  • no chemical or biological additives
  • 100% water transformation into snow

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX Impressions

See some impressions about POWDERstream® WellnessBOX Snowcabins  around the world. You can see and download more impressions on our download page snow-industries.com/download

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX BASIC Series

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX BASIC Series

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX BASIC series allows a flexible and individual placement of the snowmaking system. The unit can be placed on the same level or one level above or below the Snowcabin / Snowroom with a max. pipe laying of 20m (air supply length + air exhaust length). Next to the flexible placement options you can upgrade the standard configuration and adapt them to individual needs.

Flexible placement

The snowmaking system can be placed in various options

Several Snowcabin sizes

Standard snowmaking systems ready for different sizes / volume of Snowcabin

Optional expandable

The basic configuration can be adapted to personell needs

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX COMPACT Series

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX Compact Series

The POWDERstream® WellnessBOX COMPACT series is designed for minimal floor spaces and will be placed directly at the exterior wall of the Snowcabin / Snowroom. The COMPACT unit requires no pipe laying and enables an quick and easy installation.

Quick and easy installation

The plug & play configuration enables quick and easy installation

No piping necessary

Direct placement snowmaking system sidewards Snowcabin wall

Minimal space required

Compact design and ductless installation

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX Technical Details

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX Technical Details

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Key Facts Technique POWDERstream® WellnessBOX 5KW Compact

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Key Facts Technique POWDERstream® WellnessBOX 9KW Basic

Key Facts Technique POWDERstream® WellnessBOX 12KW Basic

Key Facts Technique POWDERstream® WellnessBOX 16KW Basic

POWDERstream® WellnessBOX Downloads

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