Advanced SnowFALL production technologies (SF) enables to produce natural real snow in ambient temperatures of up +40° Celsius, independently from the season, the climate, or the geographical location. The sensation of melting snow on the skin is considerably more pleasant than that of ice produced by crushed ice machines that are commonly used in ice fountains. The underlying SnowFALL technology can be used for snow showers as well as snow fountains. It can also be used to create a snow room in ambient temperatures above 0° Celsius.

SnowFALL systems are easy to install and the operation is simple. When using SnowFALL snow-making technology, there is no need to cool down the area with a separate cooling system. The snow is simply produced from water and electricity – no chemical additives are used in this process either.

The SF snow highlights like the snow showers are most commonly integrated as part of a spa treatment such as the traditional sauna or a sweat bath treatment where they are used as a very gentle way to cool down after the hot cycle. Depending on the technical specifications and ambient condition, it takes 10-30 seconds for the SnowFALL snow shower to start after it has been activated. Depending on the personal preference of the user, the shower should last between 2-5 minutes.

SnowFALL technology is available as standalone unit placed above the ceiling or as split unit system, where the cooling unit can be placed in a seperate plantroom. The machine cooling can be done by water or air. Using water cooling enables to use heat recovering system.

SnowFALL Impressions

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SnowFALL Snowmaking Applications

The SnowFALL snowmaking systems are made for different applications and available in different performance characteristics. Example of SnowFALL applications:

SnowFALL SNOWFountain

This plug and play device is the smallest device to generate real natural snow worldwide. Installed on a stand the unit ejects snow into a basin.


Snowshowers are the most exciting and exclusive way to cool down. Real natural snowfall at any place worldwide attract guaranteed attention.


The SnowIgloo is designed to create a Snowcabin / Snowroom at ambient temperature higher 0°C.Use it at Spa & Health facilities, event & promotion activities and many other applications.


Snowplay areas delights kids and all age groups with the fascination of feeling real snow. Snowball fights or Snowman building are just a few activities every- body can enjoy at this unique winter scenery.

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