Ski resorts: snow farming

Snow in stock

Since the demand is increasing, a special offer has been developed for ski resorts: The SnowBOX Factory. On the basis of the proven SnowBOX technology, 200 – 2,000m³ of snow per day can be produced right on site.

Snow-Industries makes you independent from any weather. Due to increasing demand, a special offer for ski resorts has been developed: the SnowBOX Factory.
It guarantees that the slopes can be covered with snow all year round and that the ski season is secured. In addition, the SnowBOX Factory is ideal for snowmaking on glaciers to counteract their melting and demise. The creation of a snow depot and the use of „Snow on Demand“ offers skiing resorts another opportunity to safely start the season. With „Snow on Demand“, skiing resorts can have their snow depots filled without investing in a factory of their own. 

Use in skiing resorts

❆ valleys with little snow
❆ ski school children‘s area
❆ practice slopes
❆ heavily used slopes
❆ all-year snow playgrounds
❆ permanent snow tubing and toboggan runs 
❆ ski jumping hills 
❆ cross-country skiing trails 
❆ glaciers

Advantages of snow farming

❆ guaranteed snowmaking all year round
❆ individual capacities
❆ partial load capability of the systems
❆ central or decentral placement in ski areas
"Snow on Demand” for filling snow depots  
❆ economical energy concepts which enable a
   COP up to 4.0

Snow farming in application

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